Hi guys. My name is Aaron. Iím an aspiring comic book writer. This probably sounds all too familiar, so Iím going to go ahead and skip the pleasantries, alright? Iím putting together a comic that Iím going to submit to various comic book publishers in the hopes that it might see the light of day. Iíll be completely realistic and say that itíll likely be rejected. Thatís okay! Thereís a slight chance it might be published! Itís worth a shot, right?

The Idea
The comic revolves around the idea that mankind has developed a means to manipulate what happens to us after we die and monetized it. Let's say you're terminally ill and afraid of what happens when you finally kick the bucket. Most people are afraid of that uncertainty, even if they won't admit it. For a modest fee, the corporation that developed this technology will imprint everything that makes you 'you' into an artificial afterlife of your choosing. With your memories intact, age no longer an issue, and the horrors of life behind you, you're free to proceed to live out your eternity. Of course, things go wrong.

This is where the story comes into play. Cormac, our main character, loses his girlfriend to a terminal illness. She gets zipped out to this 'artificial afterlife' after she dies and Cormac's life spirals out of control. As After Life, the corporation behind the technology, finds itself embroiled in controversy, Cormac ends up (through entirely illegal means) offing himself and getting sent to this so-called afterlife to chase after his dead girlfriend. When he gets there, he finds what was supposed to be a paradise in near ruin. From there, things get weird.

Suffice to say, this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what the comic is all about.

What Iím Looking For
Five pages and a cover mock-up. No more, no less.
Iím looking for an artist who can pencil and, ideally, ink as well. If you can color, Iíll love you even more, but thatís optional. Other things follow:
- Commitment. This is a big one. As of right now, Iím planning this comic out as a mini-series. Before you even apply, be positively sure you can stick around if this thing does get picked up. If not, donít apply.
- Collaborator. I donít want someone working for me. I want someone to collaborate with, to work alongside, to hoist their dreams up alongside mine and hope for the best. I want this to be completely equal.
- Style. Aesthetically speaking, I'm open to just about anything as long as it's visually pleasing. I kind of think it would be cool to have the non-afterlife scenes play almost like a early Tarantino movie while the afterlife scenes are like something you'd see in City of Lost Children (Google it if you don't know it), but we'll figure that out later.
- Deadlines. Be sure that you can make Ďem, yeah? Be able to turn finished pages over on a fairly regular basis.
- 300 DPI TIFF. Blah, blah, blah.
- Donít be a dick. If we DO end up working together on this comic for the long haul, be a relatively nice person.

Iím going to be honest here. I donít have a vault full of cash to toss your way and I'm by no means a comic professional, but I definitely wouldn't feel right not paying for your services.
- $100 ($20 per page)
- I use PayPal.
- You'll be paid within 30 days of sending the final, complete page that meets expectations.

That about sums it all up. If you think you might be what Iím looking for or youíd just like to know a bit more about the comic, feel free to contact me at: Youíll be required to show me some finished sequential artwork and preferably a cover mock-up of some sort.

Canít wait to hear from you guys.