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    Mithrill's Sketchbook

    Hello everybody.

    I'm industrial designer student from Finland. I'm doing my bachelor degree atm which topic is concept art for a game. It is not any real game (at least not for now) or there is not any game company behind it. Game itself is changing all the time so therefore my art is changing also depending of the story of the day. Main user group is families and especially kids, age between 4 - 12. One of the game idea is to encourage kids to move and play by the element of fun. Second thing is to teach them to eat healthy.

    I picked up the topic because concept art is the thing which I want to do for living.

    I will post some renderings here and every kind of constructive feedback is welcome. Some of them are already on my deviantArt-page ( but I think it is not a bad thing.

    Background story for the pics below is: hobgoblins are on a rampage. They are using some beam device to manipulate machines in your home to create some chaos and mayhem.

    Name:  elfish.jpg
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    Name:  tonttuja_130306.jpg
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    Name:  trikoot.jpg
Views: 44
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    Name:  tonttu_adult_reppu.jpg
Views: 44
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    Name:  tonttu_adult.jpg
Views: 43
Size:  226.0 KB

    Name:  computer_bazooka.jpg
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    Name:  collection of elfes.jpg
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    These are for my bachelor degree

    Name:  hippa_frank_hahmoluonnos.jpg
Views: 168
Size:  198.5 KB

    Name:  hippa_Hawk_hahmoluonnos#2.jpg
Views: 165
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    Name:  malumma_bulb.jpg
Views: 170
Size:  187.3 KB

    Name:  megakirput_ultramarine_lineart_130320.jpg
Views: 167
Size:  234.0 KB

    Name:  megakirput_ultramarine#2_pelitilanne.jpg
Views: 170
Size:  395.6 KB

    Name:  megakirvat_4_ötökkää.jpg
Views: 172
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    Name:  megakirvat_mantis.jpg
Views: 168
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    Name:  megakirvat_mantis#2_neonblue.jpg
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    Name:  takete_nosferatu#3.jpg
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    Name:  takete_shredder#2.jpg
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    Nice line work. Lot of character coming out of you mechs and people. I would suggest maybe doing more real life studies if you aren't already. Nothing will help you find forms and get used to to way light interacts with different materiels like doing studies. Keep posting!

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