Hey Guys, long time reader and looker, first time poster.
I just wanted to tell you all a little bit about this new personal project i'm working on, as a piece to start my online portfolio off with.
I am new to Digital painting, spent the last 6 months adjusting and getting everything set up and ready. Now i am ready to start and would like to start with something new.


The project is called DIVINE, the name come from the universes Supreme beings "The Divines, the 3 that are 1" they basically created the universe as we know it.
Project DIVINE has three sides, a fantasy world and a Sci/Fi world and one that's more of a mix of both, the same world but in three different times.

THE PAST: I am a sucker for a medieval fantasy, magic, swords, castles and kings and of course a blending of earths different cultures from all different times into one big impossible world.
(This world didn't become like ours, it stayed very primitive culturally but technologically it advanced far beyond us)
THE PRESENT: Will be set in medieval ish, ultra futuristic Sci/Fi universe, directly inspired from THE PAST with space knights and battle suites and warships.
(Something happened, an Apocalypse on a universal scale, one inhabited planet survived, with a mix of races on it)
THE FUTURE: Will be set on that world long after the events of the Apocalypse, but the world has well and truly recovered, All the advanced technology from the "Time's Before" are now referred to as ancient relics and allot of the materials from the old world have been reused as something else in the new.

My plan is to work on the past first then redesign it and then redesign it again, hopefully this gives the universe a sense of depth and maybe history.
I will be giving all the lovely people here at CA the first sneak peak as soon as i can.

Thanks for listening. JLamps