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    IDW # 231 : Prosthetic Shark Fin - VOTING!

    IDW # 231 Topic: Prosthetic Shark Fin
    Deadline for voting: Sunday, March 21
    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

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    Artist: Flame_Unquenchable

    Concept: Prosthetic Shark Fin

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    This is my design for the company funding it, Hexagon water industries. a company seemingly operating to gather research material such as pH levels and currents to further their business in desalination plants.
    However they also put a proximity sensor on the fin to track how many sharks are around the initial shark. Given that there are not many left in the world. This helps them see where most of the sharks are and their routes.
    Which in turn they can estimate the authorities whereabouts hopefully letting them avoid the authorities and harvest more fins
    Mines an evil corporation.
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    Here is my final, the design is for a Mako shark, one of the fastest fish in the sea. Maersk is a shipping and boatbuilding giant. They use the fins to conduct hydrodynamic research so they can learn to make container ships that are faster and more efficient.
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    Pixie Trick– When I first saw this brief I thought it a little strange to have prosthetics like this, then literally a couple of days later I saw on the news, that scientists and engineers had successfully designed and attached a prosthetic tail to an Alligator! (not sure if available to non UK countries)

    Flame_Unquenchable – Your approach and research is impressive and presentation is very pleasing and crisp. I think the integration between shark and prosthetic isn't 100% convincing though, in terms of the stress and forces the fins are likely to endure it seems a bit of a weak point. Maybe just extending the attachments would've given a stronger looking attachment. Great work.

    Blake-Rottinger-Art– Again, nice presentation and visual work. I like the explanation of how the fins connect and work. The flat plate is the element I think does not work so well. Maybe a silicon contrasting harness could act as a separating membrane between the main mechanisms and sharks skin. Great work.

    Themonet – Really cool image of the shark. I like the concept a lot and the design, straps and logo's all are well resolved and explained. Great work.
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    Dayle, thanks a lot. I think you hit the nail on the head. I probably should have focused on one fin, or really blown up one idea. I think the prosthetic fin took a backseat to the effects at some point, but by the time I got that far and notice I felt I couldn't go back sadly. I feel the same way you did and wasn't really happy with the finished fin design, though I think like you and other have said the presentation was good.

    Blake-Rottinger-Art: I thought you presentation was solid, and I liked the linework. I think the design could have been a bit more organic, with less blocky edges and it would have been gold. This was structurally more sound than mine or Themonet's and that's why I voted for it. Fin control was the biggest issue here for me along with the blocky nature, I feel like a prosthetic for an animal that needs to be swimming constantly or die should really have that explained pretty well. I think I could have done much better on that issue as well.

    Themonet: I really like this idea. I think the presentation was good, the linework needs a bit of refining but that wasn't what swayed my vote. I would have liked to see a bit more fluidity to the piece, I know this is a person preference but I think the organic idea I expressed as a critique on Blake's piece fits here as well. Conceptually I like the idea of speed indicators in the water vents, but main issue I saw was how is the shark going to use it to swim, (an issue I was trying to resolve with my own piece as well) I saw motors called out but I would have liked to see the motor or some indication of it. Also, those straps might slide off, maybe they should have been integrated into the skin somehow? Not picking on you just liked the concept and wanted to give feedback where I thought it was applicable.

    Great job everyone.

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