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    Do you hold a thought?

    I'm not too sure how to ask this. If you're for example developing an idea, or theme for example, do you mentally create it, and carry it with you as you do other things? Such as if you're doing the dishes, and you have this character/theme developing in your thoughts, do you keep a mental static structure of it there, or is it something that's best left relaxed? I personally find it hard to maintain a static structure of anything for too long. I just was curious if anyone does this in order to develop or create a image that they then draw onto paper at a later date.

    Sorta a weird question, sorry if this is the wrong section too. I'd dead curious though if anyone has any general thoughts on this

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    Some times I do some times I don't.
    My mind is a mess at the time, so I know its going to slip off easily. When I get an idea I have to doodle the concept on whatever paper like object I find and when my mind wanders to other stuff I look at it and and my mind continues to build on it. Then I write notes and arrows for additions I really like.

    I hope this made any sense
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    As I've progressed in my art skills, I'd say I've developed the ability to do this. Years ago I could not see a clear image in my mind or on a blank piece of paper, however I knew pro artists have said they basically project an image from their heads onto the paper and trace it. Years of practice drawing I can now for the most part see a clear image on the page before I start drawing. So I'd say it's definitely a skill you can develop. It probably results from drawing a certain thing so many times. Draw a cylinder enough times and it's easy to visualize a cylinder and draw it. Then that principle just expands to figures and whole scenes.

    I think that's what you're talking about?
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    i think i read it on muddycolors that thats rarely the case. same goes for me.

    eventhough its been ian mccaig, who said "we all create perfectly realistic pictures in our dreams...*therefore we all can draw*" im not agreeing with that. if i look back at my dreams... you only get ideas... and everytime you look at it, it changes. people become other people, situations change, whatever.

    youre not supposed to create perfect pictures in your mind, and then simply tracing them. youre supposed to differentiate the meaty ideas from the poor, and then work on those that meet certain requirements, refining them, ditching those that turn out to be not working, going by a workflow. normally this is thumbnails > roughs > picture > refinements.

    theres a lot that has to be considered to make an idea come alive in a picture. youre not supposed to be able to solve all of those in one step.
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    I think Stephen King has the right idea about this one. If an idea is worth remembering, you will remember it. If you keep a notebook, scribbling down whatever it is that seems like a good idea to you at the time, you'll just end up with a collection of bad ideas. The good ones will stick, no matter what.
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