Admins, if this is off-topic, I apologize.

I've been wondering. I can do one heck of a psychedellic and creative composition, my mediums are crude, many of my images are flatter than they should be, but I've had people let their eyes roam over some of my work for well over 10 minutes before.

I'd like to ask you guys, have you ever thrown together something that was just wonderfully colorful and massively huge on content? (I'd also prefer a sort of psychedellic theme... or a theme in-tune with the modern "visionary artist" movement.)

I'll give the example of one of my peices (I'll include the Line art and the Colored version, because to do justice to the amount of content you need to see just the lines.):
Well now... we've got some conceptual geniuses here but...Well now... we've got some conceptual geniuses here but...

These are examples... but anything like this would be nice to see, I'd love to meet some other people who have done things like these... there would be some things I'd LOVE to discuss with you if you have.

Thanks all of you, this is a wonderful and diverse community here.

If you don't know about "visionary artists" ... look at some of these examples from one of the featured artists at
Granted many of these people are sadly misled and even possibly paganistic... but they're wonderful artists. Then again this is "Fine Art" ... and many of you have reminded me of the difference between that and Concept Art. But those borders DO sometimes blur enough to make things interesting (American McGee's Alice anyone?) Thanks all, I'll go listen to some Simon and Garfunkle now :nod: