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    Barbarian Warrior

    Hi there!

    This is a piece Im currently working on:

    Name:  barbarianLineart.jpg
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    What do you think?


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    Looking good! Crits:
    His right leg is stepped aside too much. Make it closer to left one. Also it is in same angle as the sword; that's not good. Disregarding his muscularity and badassery, the upper body is too wide.
    Check out this painting for more inspiration and reference

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    I think you've done a good job with the design although I think you need to think about the character a bit more. As soon as you see this piece you dont think that hes barbaric or uncivilised only due to his pose and especially his facial expression, he seems thoughtful and or emotionally scarred. The stereotypical emotions for a barbarian would be rage or lust, primitive emotions. His armour and sword fit really well as you can see him skinning the animals himself for their fur although his metal armour seems too well made, try just having a metal plate strapped onto various places of his body? Im not sure if its a style choice but his upper body is a bit too large and he doesn't seem to have a neck, his head needs to be a bit higher up and his trapezius would be bulging out if hes so ripped. Also his hair and the fabric on the top of his sword are blowing one way whereas his cape is blowing in the opposite direction. His right leg looks a bit unnatural with his kneecap facing us when the left is facing 90 degrees in the other direction, its a hard pose to pull off in real life. I hope this helped I really do think you have a nice image here, I look forward to seeing the finished piece.
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    I LOVE the expression on his face - makes me think he is actually a human being, not some 70's comic book stereotype - really well done, please don't change it !


    oh, the cape - where does fabric wave like that?

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    Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

    I changed his left leg as well as his kneearmor there. Furthermore squeezed his torso a bit. You
    were definately right: he was tooo wide I also gave him more neck and move his head a bit

    Thanks for your suggestions!
    Thats a really great painting you are showing me... makes mine feel so ......... small

    Thanks for your critic. You are absolutly right about the character. I dont want to offend you and maybe
    Ive choosen the title wrong: but do I have to fulfill the expectations one considers to be "barbarian"? I think
    "yes" If I would be in a production environment and my client wants it to be that stereotype. This is a
    personal piece and the drawing guided me to this pose and character. It was more an accident to do him
    this way. While drawing I thought of him as a warrior that is "not really into" war. He actually wants to be
    with his family etc. So war is something he has do to in order to keep his family save. Maybe more like a
    "soft" Leonidas.

    Thanks! I made some corrections to the cape too... hope this is better!

    Also did a quick cleanup pass. I think Im ready to paint now.

    Name:  barbarianLineart_corr02.jpg
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    Here is a value sketch (actually I did this before):
    Name:  conceptSketch.jpg
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