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    Robin needs help, he cant walk properly!

    Name:  Robin Hood copy ca.jpg
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    The idea behind this is that its suppose to be Robin Hood right after he has finished up a dude and then walking back to his hood in the forest feling like a baus
    I like it so far but im struggling with his pose a bit. The torso got tilted back more than I intended, but I still like it. I want him to look cheerful, he just stole and killed a sinful nobleman.
    If you see something else thats completely awful then let me hear it.


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    Stand on some stairs and get a friend to walk towards you with a loose baggy shirt on. Snap a photo. You'll notice all sorts of interesting things, like at what point legs are bent when someone is walking towards you, and whether wrinkles in fabric look like worms. Get them to hold a kitchen knife and a dowel while you're at it.

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    sound advice!

    reference is everything with images like this and indeed everything!

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    l think its a clash between how he's walking to what he's walking on. his front leg looks like he's bending it and it is implying uneven ground. but its pretty flat. When walking forward, it would be straight and the bottom of the toes would be visible. the back leg looks wrong because the front leg and pelvis are not correct. the skeleton mans pelvis hasn't twisted to support his walk Have you tried using a perspective grid on this drawing? its tedious but it can help improve positioning, which this whole drawing has a problem with, the trees look as if we are looking up at them.... but the characters imply we are looking down. Don't have that front trees trunk showing, just have branches hanging low, that could help?

    in short. make the front leg straight, move it to the right a bit, adjust the pelvis so its on a side, the back foot will be easier to position. The trees, characters and horizon should fit within a perspective grid. Use a reference of a upward shot of branchy trees to understand how the trunk and branches intertwine to create the effect of looking up.

    when you feel a drawing is off but can't see it. try flipping the canvas horizontal, most digital artists do this. Hopefully something of this crit helps you, l am no expert just a fellow artist trying to help ^ ^

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    Is the horizon line set at an angle (dutch angle)? If it is not, then it seems Robin is falling backwards (towards his back left). The center of the figures gravity should be directly below his head, and as it is now that is to the right of the figures feet (from the viewers perspective). As everyone has already said, getting good reference is very helpful in figuring out placement, I strongly recommend it.

    Also, the way he is holding the bow feels awkward to me. If you were holding a bow, walking like a baus, would you hold it in that way? It just seems uncomfortable.

    Lastly, are the various C shaped lines on the fabric meant to be folds or wrinkles in the fabric? I'd recommend finding reference for the fabric as well.

    I hope this is helpful. Its a cool idea, I look forward to seeing your progression.

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