Can You Paint in Gouache?
Digitally or Traditionally?
Are you fast at it?
Can you handle strict deadlines?
Would like to get paid to do this?

If the answer is YES, then we want You to Help Us!

An international Mobile Game Company
We work with many freelance artists around the world
We LOVE high quality artwork and talented artists

Loves Realistic Illustration with a bit of American Comic Book Stylings, no anime, no overly exaggerated foreshortening or anatomy, more in the vein of Norman Rockwell, Alex Ross and Jarreau Wimberly.
Able to paint a gouache style, like this
Name:  Example Gouache.jpeg
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Opaque / solid color, a “dry” feel to the illustration.

Image above was created by Jarreau Wimberly.

Standard Digital illustration need not apply, we are looking for artists who know how to replicate old school gouache illustration techniques for a major new mobile game.
Oh and we pay well for the work you will do.

If this describes YOU and you wish to join US and contribute to a great new project, please submit a Portfolio and Resume to