This all started in November about a year and a half ago. I'd always loved artwork and drawing in general, but, as is common throughout today's culture, I was sure that I did not have this genetic concept of 'talent' that every artist throughout history seemed to possess. However, on one Cold November night I decided to do an experiment; maybe talent is a figment of the imagination of modern culture, and if so, maybe I'll have a chance to make a career out of it. Even if this experiment proves false I may be able to form some facade to disguise my lack of talent.

Because of this, I started drawing: one hour a day, every day. No exceptions. None. None at all. Even if a relative has died and I have to attend their funeral; i'd just have to do a life study of their lifeless carcass.

I've been doing this for a year and a half now, filling up sketchbooks and wearing down the leads of countless pencils. I've explored the leagues of google image searches to find life drawings to sketch. I've read to at least some extent the works of great art teachers such as Bridgeman and Loomis. I feel I've improved exponentially, but my journey is definitely not at an end. I need to change my now isolated journey through the world of art to one of a collective.

This is where you come in. You people who've read through my useless boring dog poo of a story and haven't gotten a single thing out of it. I need you people. I do not have enough money to hire a group of critics and teachers to help drill the art fundamentals into my head. I do however now have a group of people who will read and look through literally anything for free. No charge. You people have passed the test, and hopefully you'll be able to help me improve upon my work. I don't have really anything to offer you except lifeless artwork that you vultures can tear apart in the comment section below, hopefully providing me with some semblance of how to improve. I am drawing an hour a day, once a day, and I hope you can comment and offer links to other works that I can learn from. I can't write how appreciative I will be to you for this.

So lets begin...