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Thread: Dimas's Sketchbook

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    Dimas's Sketchbook

    Here's my sketchbook, is not too much and most of them are old though, i was gonna to post my anatomy studies too but i think left it on my parent's house as right now im living on boarding house
    comments and critiques are very welcome here and pardon me if there's any mistakes on my english as it is not my native language

    some like the astronaut girl and the girl sitting on the mech's head was made not too recently
    Name:  village 001.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 018.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 017.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 016.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 015.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 013.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 012.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 011.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 010.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 009.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 008.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 007.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 006.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 005.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 003.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 002.jpg
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    Name:  sketch 001.jpg
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    Another coming up!, done this in A4 paper when after i finished from univ, i just realized i've been drawing faces too much these days, so i've decided to draw human skull, since i havent i drawing skull more often i got some difficulties on its contour, so i study more by look some references from internet, the 2nd picture i draw it without the reference and try to use my imagination (and by look at my previous drawing a bit )

    Name:  sketch-001-(2).jpg
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    Name:  sketch-001-(4).jpg
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    Name:  sketch-001-(3).jpg
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    this.... just a girl with her fancy gun

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