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Thread: Self teaching.

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    Self teaching.

    I been lurking the forms most of the day. Looking for a new hobby and i think i would like to take up drawing. Now i don't plan on taking this any where seeing that i'am 31 and been at my job for 8+ years(climb the ladder pretty high) i just want to draw good. Can i self teach myself to draw or do i need to fine a class.If that's that case that will be impossible for me to do. Working 6 days a week 10+hrs a day. So what i wanted to do was learn/draw couple of hrs every day after work and most of the day on Sunday. How many hr's a day should i read/draw a day, 2hr's ?

    Now i have no clue how to draw, i don't think i can even draw you guys a basic stick figure. Been looking on the forums and there seems to be so much that you can learn on here and i end up clicking links and end up somewhere to far advance for me right now. Is a good place for a beginner for me to start? Or do you guys have better suggesting ? And i know you are going to say Draw, Draw, Draw. Draw what? Do i try to draw straight lines, Circles ?

    Thanks for the good advice

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    Of course you can learn without taking an actual class, many of us started by self-teaching...

    There is no one "Right" process for learning, the most important thing is simply to start somewhere and keep going. In the process of floundering around trying to draw, you'll start encountering specific issues and questions that you can then ask about or look up, and eventually you'll develop some idea of what you need to work on most at any given time.

    If you need some kind of structure and direction, check out any of the beginning drawing books in the reading list sticky at the top of this forum. Most of them will walk you through basic principles step by step, with explanations and recommended exercises - so if you need structure, going through the exercises in a decent beginning drawing book is a pretty good way to get yourself started. And yeah, the link Black Spot posted is also good for that sort of thing. So are the Spartan Boot Camp exercises in Community Activities, especially if you go through all the past assignments. I believe ctrl.paint has beginner tutorials as well - why not browse what they have and see if it looks like stuff you could learn from?

    As for time, that's up to you... You'll probably have to play it by ear to figure out how long it takes you to draw something/complete an exercise, and how much time you can comfortably fit in your schedule. Since you're just doing this for fun, do whatever you're comfortable with.

    But really the most important thing is to start somewhere. It doesn't matter where. Starting is the hard part. Once you start, it's easier to keep going, even if you end up changing direction a few times.

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    ALL right thanks for the info. I'am going to read up on stuff for a few days then start drawing.

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    "Drawing Essentials" by Deborah Rockman is a good place to start.
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