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Thread: How useful is Sheridan's Visual and Creative Arts course for getting a job??

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    How useful is Sheridan's Visual and Creative Arts course for getting a job??

    Hey guys! I'm a newbie here. I'm planning to apply to Sheridan's Visual and Creative arts course sometime next week. I am aspiring to become a Digital painter and get into concept art. Ive completed my degree in 3d animation here in India. I cannot afford and dont want to get into a 3-4 year art course. That is the reason I planned for VCA. My questions are:
    How useful is it in terms of refining art skills?
    If I choose to do that course and work hard on my portfolio, can I get a job easily in Canada?
    Is that course elaborate or vague?
    If not. Are there any Art schools in Ontario that are better?

    I hope you can answer these questions because I really could use the guidance. Thanks for reading!
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    The only thing that matters when you look for a job is your porfolio.

    If this course brings your portfolio up to industry standard -you will find a job.
    Since you haven't posted examples of your work, it is impossible to tell how close- or far you are from that standard.
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    And Ultimately, the only thing that will bring your portfolio up to industry standard is YOU. If I could go back in time, I'd probably go to feng zhu's school in singapore. It seems like a strong secondary program for someone that wants to do what you want to do.
    -start a revolution.
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    Sorry this is late but go into Sheridan's animation or illustration. If your skills aren't there yet to be accepted, get them there, learn from your profs, but especially learn from your peers, they are more valuable than the courses. The deadlines of the courses force you to get things done but the competition between peers is what will bring your skill level up. I might be bias but I suggest animation. While you might not want to be an animator for your career, at least youll have a fall back plan since concept art is really tough to get in to. I hope this helps.
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    I think Sprogis had it right. The VCA program actually evolved out of art fundamentals - a one year program designed to help you find your career path in the arts. It's not a bad program but if you're looking for hire-ability in the industry you'd be better off going into the Animation or Illustration program (I too am biased towards animation) . Or like DanielBodinof suggested go into Feng-Zhu's school in Singapore. Honestly if what you want is Concept art you might be better off going to a school tailored specifically towards that. I'd also look into Bob Chiu's 'Schoolism'. I know they have a one year internship course where they teach you concept design. As to the question of your getting a job if you work hard on your portfolio - I guess that depends on what your work looks like. Since you haven't linked any, I have no idea. Good luck to you though
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