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Thread: just a concept (moved from Sketchbooks)

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    just a concept (moved from Sketchbooks)

    this is the character that im making right now.
    i worked on this for 6 hours and not even done yet lol
    is it looking good?

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    Eh,umm, the jackets right side looks abit odd, and i think you could make it's shadows abit darker, but it still works (shadows). The visor is angled abit odd, but maybe its design, i cant really say. the breasts look flat and squished together and don't match the breast outlines made by the clothes. The eyelashes need some work(thinning) and the eyebrows and nose need some better positioning, they are making the face look flat right now and not really implying much construction. That said, it's looking mighty fine, i really like the sylized shading, and the colours are good too, hand looks great too.
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    I'd say you were spending too much time on the polish rather than figuring out how the clothes and anatomy work together. There are numerous awkward points on her right side from the neck on down as well as issues with facial anatomy.
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    You get points for how you handle paint; you have the potential for awesomeness. But, as the others have said, you have some underlying structural issues. I'm not bothered by the handling of the facial features, which are working well enough to be stylization rather than error, but those clavicles and that cleavage need work. And the hat/head/hair relationship.
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    I'm no anatomy buff myself, so this is probably still inaccurate but I think your main problems are the anti-gravity breasts, the positioning of the clavicles and not allowing for the latissimus dorsi (muscles on the back which you can see from the side, they form the back wall of the armpit). As I say my 'corrections' are probably incorrect themselves but they should give you a starting point of what you should be looking for.

    just a concept (moved from <a href=Sketchbooks)" title="just a concept (moved from Sketchbooks)" />
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    Cool design! It's looking great, paint technique is nice. As others have already mentioned, though, there are some structural problems. fish4brains has already pointed out many of them, including the breasts and collarbone. The main things I see are the discrepancy between the perspective of her head and body and her hat/head. I just did some quick sketches as to what you could try, (by no means are these perfect, haha so take it with a grain of salt) but hope they sorta convey what I'm trying to get at.
    Good work!
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