((Not sure if I have posted on a correct section, please do apologize. Also, keep in mind, English is not my first language. Thank you for reading and replying! ))

I understand that you must work with references, mixing and combining into one so you would have your very own new original creatures, no big deal but still, I have trouble on getting fresh idea on designing aliens and you know... various of imaginative creatures? I have seen a lot of people on DeviantArt and here creating awesomesauce original ideas on monsters and aliens. Could you guys be able to give some advice and such (because I've been trying to do research here and there but it's really hard to find crucial important advice). I would love for advice and tips - so then, I can write it down on what I should improve and practice/study.
Isn't it that you must also know the anatomy (human, animal, insect etc.) because every creature does originate from these before taking new form, right?
I'm pretty sure a lot out there who wants to know more about how do you come up with new original idea when it comes to creating monsters, aliens etc. all those macabre. I'm so embarrassing to show my stash on DeviantArt (but I do have....my drawings, I need mega improvement)

So, really... If you want to create a....let's say you've decided to create a humanoid or an insectoid alien race (or any kind of race) - how do you come up with it? Research the certain types of insect/animal ref. you visualize it should look like????? Etc. etc. etc. etc.??????????
Any suggestion, advice would be pretty much helpful as I am learning to extend my learning curve on tackling new creature designs. Yes, I'm eager to do a lot of work (for the sake of artsy!), bring it on!!

Thank you for your help! Keep drawing! ;D