So, here's the deal. I am seriously considering a transition into another profession entirely, specifically game-creation on the art end of the spectrum
(because interior design be boring, yall). This could mean a lot of things for me, such as general concept-art, or art-production (or even art direction
if I'm really ambitious), but I also realize that from an artistic standpoint there are numerous weak-points I need to tackle. I need to focus on composition,
color, lighting and well shit pretty much everything. Ultimately, I don't have enough work in my artistic portfolio that could be considered A. polished, and B.
taken to an acceptable level of finish. I intend to remedy this, hopefully, within the next couple of years in my very, very limited spare time.

This is my first step:

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Some dumb mistakes that I'm aware of:

1. I didn't generate any quick thumbnails before launching into the illustration proper.
2. the perspective on either side of the composition does not match up (will rectify this).

What I'm trying communicate both thematically and conceptually is a clear understanding of mechanical design and dynamic action within the composition.
From a conceptual perspective, it should be apparent that there are different "classes" of combatants within the frame, so each should ultimately be
loosely distinct and identifiable in terms of combat role.

I'm looking for general guidance on whether or not there are issues with general construction that need to be taken into account before I proceed.