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    Color and Composition Studies

    Hello world , this is my first post here so.....
    would like to post some landscapes I did in Photoshop for some critics and helpful tips from anyone who happens to find these interesting enough to stop by and comment.

    the first image is my first application of color and planning of composition like ever...

    so what do you think ?

    Color and Composition Studies

    Color and Composition Studies

    The following image is a study after Artist Carl Purcell's Wash Day in Monteriggioni watercolor......

    Color and Composition Studies

    So any critics are most welcomed
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    Serious question: Can you see the numbers in these links?
    You have to look a bit longer to see the color pop.
    Do you see anything in the second link?

    Your second pic makes complete sense when I convert it to greyscale,
    but in color the clouds are really bright cyan/aqua that is never seen in nature
    and which pushes extremely foreward over the desaturated purple.
    I can't really imagine that this was done on purpose.
    In the first pic there's a similair thing happening:
    There's a supersaturated band of cyan over the edge of one mountain that is a really
    weird eyecatcher - converted to greyscale it has the exact same value as the purple of the mountain.
    Oh, the third one just loaded - same cyan problem with the woman.

    You might be colorblind or there's some weird thing going on with your screen.
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    I just took a break to post this.
    But sometimes I also draw stuff

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    To be honest there's a hint of cyan on the old woman in the original painting, he just exaggerated it in his copy.
    Also, these tests are really hard to see even if you're not colorblind... ones like these are much easier c:

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    The first two don't have much variation on the greens. Composition wise, the first one has this gap on the left that leads the eye there - maybe another tree might help. On the second, the middle ground doesn't recede well - the grassy knoll on the left is at the same saturation as the foreground.

    I actually like the third piece and the cyan doesn't bother me.

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    Thanks Kiera for commenting and yeb you are digging exactly what I tried hard to bury deep down. you're right I know I have a form of colorblindness but honestly I refrain from thinking about and sometime believing this fact. So....Well I see the number 37 in the first image and 56 in the last but no numbers at all in the second image ... So what do you make out of this?


    True there is a hint of cyan in the original , may be I just overdid that.

    Black Spot
    thanks for the tips. and that gap on the left in the first image is just killing me may be I should have added a small bush there.

    I actually like the third piece and the cyan doesn't bother me.
    May be you like the third one because the composition and color decisions are already solved by a much experienced artist than myself

    Now Actually this is strikingly worrying me as this color blindness issue clearly will be a serious barrier...I was struck by the speed Kiera noticed that I'm color blind as a matter of fact color is still a very difficult and confusing thing for me ....thankfully I'm mainly a 3d artist but I aspire to be a matte painter... So do you think that color issue will get into the way? or may be I should invest my time and resources developing in other endeavors other than painting??? Big questions, Right ?.....I know

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