Hey guys,im about to start using SS,i have finally decided to start a new hobby and been looking into sculpting for years,with admiration of all the work i see in here,very well done.Most of my sculpts will be placed into a perspex box when finished.

I have a few questions though.

1.Im planning to do small armatures/sculpts first,do all sculpts need a wire armature?
2.when doing larger head sculpts,should the skull be hollow or all clay (using loads of clay)?If hollow,how do you go about setting up a head sculpt that is of real size?
3.If i plan on doing a mould/bust,what does this actually mean in terms of the original model,is this just for making copies?, or making latex masks?
4.If doing a bust,do i need to remove teeth, dreadlocks etc ie Predator sculpt and bake them seperatly?If so do i just glue them back onto model when finishe?
5.As stated im form Uk,where is the best place to buy Super Sculpey in large capacity?

Sorry for noobie questions,but kind of confused about a few things.

Any help would be appreciated