[Novice] Information on the fundamentals? Perspective?
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Thread: [Novice] Information on the fundamentals? Perspective?

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    [Novice] Information on the fundamentals? Perspective?

    I'm new to drawing. I used to draw a lot as a child, but I've decided to pick the hobby up again at 19.

    I've started reading Loomis' Successful Drawing and I found beginning chapter concerning the fundamentals to be particularly insightful. I now know what makes a good drawing:

    The five P's = proportion, placement, perspective, planes and pattern
    The five C's = conception, construction, contour, character and constitency

    But I've hit the next chapter which concerns perspective. The problem I'm having is that Loomis isn't actually teaching me how to do the perspective drawings. He has stressed throughout the book that chief among the above elements is perspective, that it is key to understanding how to draw. Now, I'm one for doing everything the "right" way, so I want to practice perspective drawing before I go on to light on form and everything else. Are there any tutorials out there that teaches perspective and how they relate to art in general? Chapter 2 of Loomis' book is basically a whole bunch of perspective drawings with very little text and I'm finding it to be of little use to me, a beginner.

    If not perspective, what else would CA members suggest I begin to practice as a novice?

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