This is the publicity document pertaining to the production of the Final Fantasy VII Web Series currently in the works in Northern California. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular RPG series ever made for the video gaming public. People for the past 25 years have played the games produced by Square Enix (Square Soft) again and again because their story lines are addicting. However, no story line has ever been as replayed or lusted after more than the Final Fantasy VII Playstation and PC platform game.

As of 2010, Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) has sold over 10,000,000 copies, which beats out any of the other games in the franchise to date. It’s impressive and dark story of its characters have been told over and over with some players enjoying the game more than a dozen times. Fan Fiction exploded out of the FFVII storyline where some authors have managed to write over 2,500 pages of in depth plot lines. Artists from all over the world have contributed their depictions of the characters, weapons, settings, and music showing the way the game has influenced their talent.

Prequels and Sequels of the game’s universe have been made, however the storyline has never been told in a live action form... and now is the perfect time to bring that world to life. Roth Rind Productions has taken charge of creating a new world of FFVII in an awe inspiring web series that will span the entire game. The web series will be dubbed a fan film that will be limited to the supporting public until the release date online that is yet to be determined.

The producer of the series, Roth Rind, understands that the honor and respect that fans all over the world have for this series is overwhelming. He also feels that the responsibility of making all of the decisions for a delicate series like this should not be in the hands of one person. His plan is to implement, in the pre-production campaign, a support system through KickStarter, a fundraising website that specializes in helping people create new projects. This system will allow the fans of the world to choose who will star in the roles of the main characters, some of the final costume pieces, final weapon designs, best soundtrack ideas, and more.

The mission behind this project is to make a live action web series of the greatest game ever made with the collaboration of artists from all over and the help of the dedicated fan base.

Final Fantasy VII has had multiple attempts at creating a live action show or movie, however, the versions released have stuck too close to the cartoon-like design of characters (if you would like to see an example, click here) and Roth Rind Productions has a different idea.

The rule of thumb: “Let’s do this the Jurassic Park way.” Jurassic Park, an amazing science fiction film released in 1993, was the story of an island where dinosaurs were created to roam once again, but the power of control that was thought to be there failed turning the dino-themepark into a struggle for survival. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie was a masterpiece and has held up with movie special effects for 20 years. This is because the movie only implemented a total of 80 effects shots. The rest of the movie was filmed on location, in the studio, using puppets, and so many other brilliant practices that seem to have faded away with time.

Although Visual Effects (VFX) have gotten better and can be implemented in beautiful ways (sometimes even cutting a film budget in half), the movies that have inspired Roth Rind and his co-director, Jay Raja, stuck to the idea that the realism of film is best kept in a realistic universe with VFX to cushion or round out the final masterpiece.

The vision of FFVII will implement a dark and gritty feel with all of this in mind, bringing drama and twists of characters into the realm of the Life Stream.

In order to succeed in the look and feel Roth Rind Productions has extended offers to artists all over the world to collaborate on this project. What has been brought to the table thus far has been nothing less than magnificent. This includes professional art designs, composers and music tracks, film equipment, locations, and more. As pre-production continues, the hand will extend to more artists in hopes that they too will want to see this game brought to life.

Thus far they have been lucky enough to bring aboard designers from Halo and other top rated games, composers from the album Voices of the LifeStream, a music supervisor from LucasArts, a model builder and set designer from award winning films from Sundance, and much more.

If there are others who feel they can contribute, Roth Rind Productions has posted a way to contact them on their website.

If you’d like to support the project please visit our Facebook page or following the project on Twitter.

The directors will be announcing a livestream video conference where fans can ask questions about the production and more, as well as a full play through of the game streamed live. They will be discussing details that they intend to keep in and those they plan to leave out. This is the perfect opportunity to participate in the development of the rest of the season.