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    Please Help Me

    this is starting to drive me crazy. sometimes I can get really pumped up and just start drawing, not caring what it looks like, but that happens rarely and only in short bursts of time. I don't really have any drawing skills, i'm taking lessons right now, but not classes. i'm drawing still lifes, but not models, and I try to draw with my shoulder, but it usually ends up my wrist doing all of the work.

    I am intimidated by a blank, white sheet of paper, theres just something about it, i guess it doesn't help that both my parents don't support my interest in art, but I want to be a good artist, i practice but i never feel like theres any real outcome. I'm sinking fast and I don't know what I'm doing wrong, if anyone reads this, could you please share some insight, or anything, that could help me, anything at all. I should have done this sooner, but it hasn't been this bad until now.

    thank you,

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    use a bigger piece of paper. it helps make you use your whole arm. also buy it up on the wall or something so you have you stand while drawing. also helps make you use your arm. about being intimidated just draw dude. draw some scribble and bring something out of the shapes. hope this helps
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    the way i get motivated when intimidated by a blank piece of paper is by thinking of a quote i've heard

    "everyone has 100,000 bad drawings in them, the sooner you get them out, the sooner you get good consistantly"

    and I figure...the sooner the better, right?

    Get those bad drawings out!

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    exactly what are your trying to accomplish when you want to draw? there has to be something, or else you wouldnt go to the piece of paper in the first place.. there's something about you mentioning that your parents dont support you that made me wonder what yur motives are.. There are people who i guess can draw without a purpose, but i rarely can.. Set yourself a goal, doesnt have to be anything grandiose or even long term at all, it can be something as lame as "i want to see if i can draw a bear catcing a fish" or it can be something you are interested in.. you'll be suprised how long it takes you to forget and just focus on your drawing.. it seems to me that artists are the happiest when they live in the here and now.. the jetpack42 quote helps when thinks arent going perfect (and they hardly ever are)

    oh yeah and one more thing, look at Coro's big paintings he posted, look how good they are, then look how he said they arent really as good as he planned em to be.. Everyone has self-doubt... just have a little plan and dive in..

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    Try to start with simple things and lines only.
    Maybe warmup stuff like lines and circles if that is what it takes.
    As soon as you have a flow thing going you can increase the complexity.

    I know I often had that problem when there were things I should have taken care of first.
    Make sure there is nothing else floating around in your head and you can concentrate on what you are doing.
    Don't think about what you are doing while you are drawing though.

    About the drawing with the shoulder part ... as others said draw bigger.
    If you don't feel comfortable when you draw larger images, just start small and increase the size of your drawings during a session.
    And choose subjects that allow you to draw long lines.

    Judging from the drawings in the sketchbook I'd say draw simpler things and make sure you get the proportions right.
    Draw from life or reference ... don't expect anything when you try to draw without using reference.
    Read about line-quality and line-weight. Try to define the forms properly with lines only for a while.

    I think you want too much too soon.
    You can draw people from reference but don't try to learn anatomy while you learn the basics.
    That is just too much. You need to give yourself time to digest new info.

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