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    The UK Workshop: Supplies list! The "what do we bring?" thread.

    I have gotten some emails asking about supplies and wanted to share the answers here to make it easier for everyone.

    First, everyone will typically end up creating at the show. For those that have not attended it lasts about 20 minutes before you will want to sketch, or write, or paint...or work from the models or work in the methods that the speakers and demonstrators are using.

    A few rules to consider:

    a. Pack things that are easily carried. The workshop can mean going out and drawing after, finding a comfy spot to paint, or going out hiking to find a place to draw or paint or create with others the day before or after.

    b. Yes you can bring your laptop and Wacom. Yes you can bring your tablets and your sketchbooks. Yes you can do 3D at the show. If you are Bobby or Jenny digital like I am, bring your stuff. We have space for you to do so.

    c. Oil paints, watercolors, and traditional media are all welcome. As said, keep it portable. If you can travel with oils nowadays you may bring them. Bring your brushes, or even your French easel or portable easel and stool. You never know where you will want to post up, and we will have multiple painting areas worthy of creating from.

    d. Do not be shy or feel like you aren't good enough to bring stuff to create with. You will be absolutely glad you brought stuff to work with. If you like to work in Sculpty then bring your stuff. If you like to work with sumi ink and brush, so be it. Bring it along! You are entirely welcome to work with the media you are interested in. If you like to work with ten meter steel beams, and welding tools, those can stay at home.

    e. Keeping things portable means not having to have others babysit your valuables. Keeping light on your feet is a good thing, but as said, if you can carry it, and it is travel stuff, you are most welcome to bring it.

    f. You can bring your drawing boards, big paper, canvas...note pads, sketch pads, pencils, pens or anything else you like to create with.

    g. BRING BIZ CARDS...even if simple and white with your name and email on them. You will be making a ton of new friends, and some may change your entire careers, or become life long friends. You will want to stay in touch. I promise you that. Networking is a good thing. There are great people at these events.

    h. Bring either a printed or digital portfolio (on your phone/laptop etc...). You will have opportunities for feedback and sharing work and it always happens that someone is timid about that and regrets not having it. Folks get jobs at these shows, including for places like Weta Digital, EA, Activision, name it. Don't be shy!

    Brom had not painted in oils for a couple years when he came with us to Seattle. I had supplies lined up for him as he was speaking, and knew he would want to. I told him the same thing...I give you 20 minutes. If you change your mind, the brushes are over there. Sure enough...he was at it immediately. He thanked me after, and I can tell you, it was one of my favorite moments of that show.

    See you in the UK!


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    Out of interest, what would you advise if you do a lot of work digitally, but do it all on a huge great desktop computer rather than a laptop? I'm quite happy to just drink a big rucksack of assorted traditional stuff and work from that but obviously I'd prefer being able to do both - any thoughts on a way to get around that?

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