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    The UK Workshop. Post a portfolio piece thread! - I posted a couple too :)

    I would very much love to see some of your artworks prior to the show, and I think it will help everyone get to know each other better, as there will surely be a lot of new faces, and old friends too.

    I have included a couple of the paintings I did for Baldurs Gate Extended Edition as I thought it might be good to start with some of my own. Rusty as rusty gets with the art as I have had to do so much of the entrepreneurial side, but it felt good to paint the stuff, even if I did promise myself to never paint another half-elf again, after making D&D games for so long

    Looking forward to reviewing portfolios and sharing time with you all!


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    Miguel Sastre

    Hi all!
    I am Miguel Sastre from Spain (Valladolid).
    I've been doing art seriously since 5 years ago when I knew this grate inspiring community.
    Never before I had the opportunity to attend to an Workshop like this so I'm really excited to meet each of the instructors and all of the community members on this big event.
    I really expect it to be an special one!!
    Hoppe to see you all there!
    I can't wait

    Here is some of my art pieces.

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    Richard Evans

    Greetings from the UK! I'm Richard Evans, an aspiring concept artist and industrial designer. I joined the community a couple of years ago (did a few COWs) but have spent the last year practising and creating quietly in a corner. This will be my first workshop, I look forward to meeting you all and immersing myself in what promises to be a fantastic event.

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    Hi everyone!
    I'm Jesus Jara from Avila, Spain.
    I study fine arts in Milano, Italy.
    This will be my first workshop and I hope to learn, share and see a lot of things.

    See you there!

    Some of my works:

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    Greetings! I'm Ven Locklear. I work at Triptych Games. I've been in the industry for a whopping 10 months, now! It's going to break the bank, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, isn't it? Can't wait to meet folks and learn a lot.

    Here are my two most recent personal works:

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    Name:  In a Thousand Years sm.jpg
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    Great stuff! It is going to be sweet to see all the talent and images. Please keep posting stuff! This is great. JM

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    My name is Jan Degler, amd I am from Bern, Switzerland. Ill be joining this delicious crew of people for the first time @ a CA workshop.
    I dont have any industry experience. Ive done only some freelance work so far...I am completely self tought, its a pitty I never attended art school, but hey whats for? Ive learned a lot here!!!

    I am looking forward to meet you all!!!!

    Here are some of my pictures:

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    I am bit shy to post my works.. but I hope you guys like it. I guess I dont need to say that Iam big fan of Android Jones

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    Hi my name is Atey i from sweden but currently working in U.K as a full time concept artist and in my own time i work as freelance illustrator, i am so excited about this event, i hope to meet alot of people and learn a lot of new things!

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    The work in here is stellar. I'm not going to the workshop but looking through this thread, I couldnt not comment. So much amazing talent gathered together in one spot at the same time... Will London be able to handle it?

    Also cool to see some recent work from you, Jason. I havent been a member that long so havent had the chance to see much of your art. I hope you get back into it and post more pieces soon.

    Hope you guys all have a blast, you lucky so and so's.

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    Wow I am really looking forward to this I have never met another artist outside of facebook or forums so it's gonna be a big thing for me!

    I'm also an aspiring illustrator from UK but definitely have a penchant for the concept stuff!!

    If anyone would like to add me on facebook please do! here's my details -!/alex.tooth also I have skype - alextoothart

    Looking forward to meeting some of you and definitely looking forward to the workshop, I've been excited for a while now

    Love the new portraits Jason!

    Here's a couple of samples of my recent work - more on my site! thx!!

    Name:  PageImage-513519-4543303-alextooth_twilight_Garden.jpg
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    Name:  PageImage-513519-4587928-alextooth_eva.jpg
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    Name:  PageImage-513519-4608174-cantalot.jpg
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    WOW! I'm actually going to meet people who can create this stuff.

    Sorry I don't have anything to add at the moment....I think I'll balance out the talent pool in London Candra

    Sketchbook - Zeezee's Journey from a Rookie
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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kris, I've been working f/t as a concept artist for just over a year now. Am indebted to CA for getting me started and looking forward to this awesome workshop and meeting everyone.

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