Hello Guys

You probably noticed last time I am interested here about traditional painting. I started thanks to you couple week ago! So interested in it!

I bought several book you recommended me and trying to improve/ develop my skills in it!

What I found out? I started with digital painting couple years ago. Then I felt I want to move to traditional- paper and pencils and continue praciticing mainly environment.

But what I found out? When I started learn myself how to draw, how to hold pencil, how to draw everything around me I felt in love with it. Before I wanted to focus only to environemnt. No I feel I find my true way of painting- sketching! I was totaly inspired by Andrea Joseph


I want to develop myself in this way. My question is very simple. TO this purposes what tool is the best? I read several articles about MOLESCINE NOTEBOOK (andrea joseph recommend) especially I want to have some quality friendly notebook all the time with me. I gave to myself promise everyday I want to sketch something. Because I like it. I was thinking about different tool then pencils- Markers? Can anybody recommend me it? I read about SAKURA MICRON PIGMA- But I do not know which size or color for this purposes? Can you give me advice? I will be so gratefull.

Thank you so much guys

PS: Another Examples: