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    C.O.W. #289. Phoenix' Cousin - Voting!

    Round #289 - Voting!

    Topic: Phoenix' Cousin

    Deadline for voting: February 27th, 2013

    Round requirements:

    - Your creature must be avian in form

    - Your creature must have a cycle of death and rebirth as a phoenix

    - Your creature must represent one of the following types: Water, Wind, Earth, Shadow, Light, Acid, Plant, Metal. Your creature must NOT represent flame or cold/ice in any way

    - Your creature must be depicted in two states: once in its prime, once in old age, right before/during it's death
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    Artist: gregogr (guree)

    Concept: Glowing Cosmic

    This is a bird made of light. It flies throught the solar system in extreme speed. Often mistaken by a meteoroid when crosses by the Earth. It feeds from the Sun's energy.
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    Artist: Flame_Unquenchable

    Concept: Shadowbringer Roc

    The mystical Shadowbringer Roc is a giant cousin to the fabled Phoenix. Like it's fiery cousin it also has a life and rebirth cycle, albeit with less flamboyant displays. The Shadowbringer Roc eventually succumbs to it's one weakness, light. In a smoking ruin it falls, pierced through by shafts of glistening destruction, only to rise again when a new moon spreads inky blackness upon the face of the world.

    Name:  COW#289-Flame_Unquenchable.jpg
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    Artist: Banvivirie

    Concept: Plant-type Phoenix

    Name:  plant phoenix ca.jpg
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    Artist: rah-bop

    Concept: Forest Phoenix (bryornis viridis)

    Though this rarely-glimpsed bird superficially resembles a ratite at first glance, it is speculated to be more closely related to Phasianidae. The chick is able to walk and fend for itself within hours of hatching, protected by fuzzy down that looks like dandelion seeds. The plumage of the mature bird is laden with chlorophyll from which the animal seems to draw its energy, though the mechanism behind this ability is still poorly understood. When the bird reaches the end of its life, seeds and spores that have collected in the feathers grow, facilitated by the nutrient-rich mulch that was once the bird's body. After many years, one of these plants will produce a single enormous acorn from which a new phoenix chick will hatch.

    Name:  moa-CAorg.jpg
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    Artist: Vyse

    Concept: Ironbird

    The Ironbird´s scream is high-pitches, screeching sound. It is said to bleed quicksilver, although no weapon has ever penetrated it´s skin before. In old age, it begins to rust along with its nest, until it ultimately falls apart into a pile of rusty flakes.
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    Artist: Duman

    Concept: Greater Bird of Paradise

    Legend say that the Greater Bird of Paradise is a benevolent earth spirit made real. Where it travels, lush forests sprout and take root. When the bird nears the end of life's long journey, it will fly to a far off and barren place. Where it takes root, life grows and flourishes, creating an oasis in an otherwise lifeless land. Overtime, it's oaken flesh itself grows into a mighty tree which bears the seeds of future generations to come.
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    Name:  289.JPG
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    Name:  289-2.JPG
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    Artist: Panjo

    Concept: Earth-Phoenix

    The Phoenix lies in wait for its prey, to heavy to move it's own body around continuously. It's beak draws it's victims in, disguised as the sparse vegetation in the area. Its heavy wings can be flapped to create a cloud of sand to hide itself from any predators with jaws powerful enough to break through the craggy exterior. Upon death the phoenix's body calcifies, crumbles, and returns to the earth. After several years, the rocky remains begin to 'hatch' new offspring. Many must be born, as only the strong survive.

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    Poll is up.

    Cuts this week:
    Panjo - Reason - Failed quality check (work looks unfinished/rushed).
    Check out creature designs and make some of your own:
    Creature of the Week; Creature Spot

    View Simon Sweetman's art etc. at:
    ArtStation; Twitter: @SiSweetman; Twitch Channel

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    I can't get over how flippin' cute the chick looks with the dandelion seeds. Great work!

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