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    Adam Stolterman's sketchbook / deathline 2013

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    Hey there and welcome to the forums!
    Sad to see to one posted here yet.

    So I'll do the job, huh?
    You have a great start so far and setting goals is a great way to keep your motivation up.
    I would suggest you to stop rushing so much.
    Good paintings take their time. People usually work around 8-14 hours on a good rendered piece. Some more, some less. So it's not a shame if you work on a painting for a few days, instead of finishing it in one run.
    Speed will come as you get better.

    Also take care of your fundamentals.
    Rules like perspective and how light and shadow behaves are important, so perhaps pick up some books that focus on it, like "James Gurney"s books. He's awesome and you probably already heard of him.

    Keep it up!

    Edit: Urgh, now my avatar is your sketchbook thumbnail, haha. Edit your first post and upload a painting or drawing with the attachment manager. This way the image will become your new thread thumbnail.
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    Wow, fast improvement with your painting! Although the hair highlights in the last one seem a bit random. Might be more effective if you used a smaller brush.

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    ey dude. just checked out your sketchbook and I see you have a huge passion with doing art.

    some tips, critique etc.
    First and the most important tip is: LEARN THE CORE FUNDAMENTALS. These ones have to learn each artist if he/she like to be a pro in the future. The core fundamentals are: perspective, human anatomy and light/shadow!!! Totally necessary to create a piece of artwork/illustration full of epicness.

    So you should start your own Study_Sessions (like I do at the moment - here: The Claybook V.01 to be motivated and show peepz your progress. Guyzz love it to see "befor and after..." work

    well honestly I play with the idea to create a new blog where guyz who really like to improve their skills can upload their pieces and get critique/comments. but not sure if I should do that.

    btw - keep up practicing dude

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