Hey guys I am not sure that this should be in here or in the lounge...but since I consider this to be something important to EVERYONE's art on this site I am assuming it goes here.

I have recently stumbled upon this website and found that it seems to be image mining not only tattoo designs from other tattoo artists but also people's regular sketch books, artwork, etc. These two below are a couple of examples of my own work, and though not very good or even worthy of being a good tattoo etc they were not given permission to display my stuff on their site. Apparently, they are doing this, like I said, with a lot of other artists work. There is a "remove" button on the top but W T F! I feel a bit miffed at this.



I suggest EVERYONE here take a look at this site and do some personal mining of your own to find your images.

My question is this...can we somehow shut this site down ?