Hello, everyone I am currently 17 years old and It's always been a great ambition of mine to become a concept artist one day or at least be able to create some of the amazing art work these artists produce.

I've been digitally painting for about 2 and a bit years now and I've been drawing for most of my life now however after talking to some talking to some artists I have been told that I need to improve my figure drawings. I have downloaded some books on figure drawing such as fun with pencils and other Andrew loomis books but after having a scan read of them I find myself overwhelmed by the information and technicality of them, what I really want to know is how should I approach figure drawing because I am really want to get to this goal I have set myself however each time I do try to learn I find myself hitting these slumps.

Furthermore could anyone give me some advice on my digital painting skills.
Some of the images I did trace digitally as I wanted to work on the painting side rather than the sketching aspect but please I could really use some guidance.

sorry if Ive re posted this its just that I don't get how things work here and ive posted this up twice but i have not way to looking at the post again im sorry if im spamming don't want to be a pain.


link to my albulm please take a look at it and critic