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    Deputyballerís blank book

    i'm somewhere i don't want to be right now.
    angry about lost time and and anxious about the future.
    please help me grow into the artist i want to be.

    Name:  img026.jpg
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    a couple of 30 second posemanics gestures. Im really trying to analyze the model instead of copying it. Like Villpu says. But I find myself slipping on that. The same goes for drawing the contours of the figure when I should work on volume Name:  img036.jpg
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Size:  263.4 KBName:  img033.jpg
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Size:  275.2 KBName:  img035.jpg
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    Some head construction. This isn’t enough. And I got to review my reading material.
    Name:  img032.jpg
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    Some objects around the house
    Name:  img028.jpg
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Size:  173.1 KBName:  img029.jpg
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    A digital still life. Some stacked erasers and a GameCube memory card. I gave up around 20 minutes. I’m having a hard time interpreting colors.
    Name:  still life 1.jpg
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    A self portrait. Likeness just flops, and basic construction overall leaves a lot to be desired.
    Name:  img031.jpg
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    dumb doodles
    Name:  img027.jpg
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    wasnt motivated to do really anything today

    doodles i did at work
    Name:  img037.jpg
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    did some of the exercise from hoping to get a chance to take Peter Han's next available class when slots open up.
    Name:  img038.jpg
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    regrettably that's all. nights still young though, gonna try to find the motivation to do stuff later

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    had the day off. still didnt get much done. finding the drive to just draw for hours on end still eludes me. maybe its being a beginner and being impatient.

    did more of these to day
    Name:  img047.jpg
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Size:  190.0 KBName:  img046.jpg
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Size:  188.0 KBName:  img044.jpg
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    friend was over. tried to keep myself occupied
    Name:  img043.jpg
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    looked at a little head construction. i need to keep it up a notch. an do a 100.
    Name:  img049.jpg
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    i looked at an old sketch book and just got angry. covered the page with a thick black marker and drew some self portraits in a white gel pen. destroying old art work seems to only hurt my self. casue i have no idea how far i have come from.
    Name:  img050.jpg
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Size:  282.0 KBName:  img052.jpg
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    what i really need to learn is time management.

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    some stuff for today.
    Name:  img056.jpg
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    was gonna do another still life. but im just too tired. these are the type of things that require critical analyzing so probably recommended to do sleep deprived.
    Name:  Untitled-2h.jpg
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    my output is so thin. i gotta do something about that

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    i know whats been missing now. why i had so much problems forcing myself to work.
    i had to set heads and hands down. and pick up fun with a pencil to realize it.
    a couple pages in i realized that before i can do tons of studies and work 8-12 hours a day. i have to find pleasure in the process. its been in the back of my mind, but it didnt click till now. i think im ready now. to grow a little as a person.
    i might not do serious work for a bit. i cant say. when. my number one goal right now is to find the same fun drawing as i had as a kid

    todays stuff
    Name:  img057.jpg
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Size:  347.5 KBName:  img058.jpg
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Size:  336.2 KBName:  img060.jpg
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    had twenty minutes till work started so i sat around drawing things around the taqueria. i think im starting to enjoy coming in early now.
    Name:  img064.jpg
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    some boxing gloves, unfinished. not in the mood for it. probably cause one of the managers kind of got me to agree to do it
    Name:  img065.jpg
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    some more fun with a pencil stuff. second was from head at work
    Name:  img066.jpg
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Size:  296.4 KBName:  img067.jpg
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    at break i was watching Martha speaks, a women asked if i could draw those characters. i took it as a challenge
    Name:  img069.jpg
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    ah jeez, i just slept the day away
    Name:  img072.jpg
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    Fun with a Pencil! That is the challenge... to find the groove or force yourself to press forward. I think exercises like these are great for that. I put together a list of exercises and warm-up routines to remind myself to press on and draw something whether I'm in the mood or not. These are cool, and you're getting some fun results. Do you try other mediums like markers or digital?

    Keep the pencil moving man!

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    EricElwell ,thanks for stopping by and the encouragement. devolving a exercises routine would diffidently help. i'll be working something out when i develop a little more confidence. i think if i impose something just yet i might flake out. i have worked in charcoal, charcoal/gesso, pastel and digital in the past, i would like jump back in soon. with digital painting, im still figuring out Photoshop but i that's what ctrlpaint is for.

    todays stuff. update on one. drawing eldritch abominations is pretty forgiving, but i gotta work on my understanding of how light reacts to form. i think that would help my rendering
    Name:  img074.jpg
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    Name:  img075.jpg
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    Name:  img076.jpg
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    Name:  img077.jpg
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    Keep up those studies. I definitely see improvements inching forward. I always approach my work as studies knowing some things i draw will turn out weak. Just have fun and express yourself, it all adds up in the end.
    "Observing the world around me"

    My Sketchbook:

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    Colour Coded, thanks, its easy for me to get impatient and think if i don't grasp something in one sitting then its a failure. but i guess its all about the long haul.

    whoa where did the time go. i didnt get anything done
    Name:  img080.jpg
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Size:  292.6 KBName:  img079.jpg
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    what i thought the back looked like before
    Name:  New Canvasback.jpg
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    then i did a study.but not enough
    Name:  New Canvasback1.jpg
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    i got no business sleeping 14 hours. seems like i get more done when i don't have the day off.

    another back study. i think it would help to familiarize myself with muscle groups before i do another anatomy study. so i can identify them
    Name:  back2.jpg
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    some legs
    Name:  img081.jpg
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    my friends brother wanted a buff heart eating an apple.
    Name:  0217132009.jpg
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Size:  266.1 KBName:  0217132009a.jpg
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Size:  157.3 KBName:  0217132009b.jpg
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    todays stuff
    Name:  img083.jpg
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Size:  340.8 KBName:  img084.jpg
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Size:  289.9 KBName:  img085.jpg
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Size:  311.3 KBName:  img082.jpg
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    messing about in Photoshop. there is alot i don't like right now and don't know every much,
    first pass
    Name:  Untitled-1d.jpg
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    Name:  Untitled-1dr.jpg
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    a head i just couldn't work, 2nd isn't any better
    Name:  raidou.jpg
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Size:  194.0 KBName:  ra.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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