Hey there Im Derrick and Im just going to be completely honest.

Im 19 now and I have a massive passion for animation, Concept art, illustrations,.....you get my point. But have had no proper ( as in good, helpful ADVICE) traing/knowledge on how to draw. I have had art classes in middle and highschool, Ive even taken a beginner drawing course in college last semester. But the end result was the same, a lazy teacher who was once a great artist themselves but has given up on their dreams so they just didnt care about actully teaching art more importantly drawing, so in other words I either learned nothing or what i did learn was complete....@#$%&! Sorry for that.

But that didnt stop me, and old friend of mine who is a fantastic artist but has moved away recommended this site for the advice and help i despreatly want and NEED!

So right now Im literally " living on a prayer " right now. I have a sketchbook, some pencils, all i need is help. And i tell you all know that really ready to give it my all. I know and heard that all i needis to just draw, darw, and draw, but what good is it if I dont know what, where and how to start? So please if anyone is reading this......just pay the kindness forward.....help..please!