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    My Humble Little Sketchbook

    Hey ConceptArt! I'm an 18 year old from Canada who's been drawing "seriously" for about 2 years. I'm off school for the next little while and I figured I'd stop lurking and make an account so I can stay motivated with my plan to draw at least 3-5 hours a day. I've identified my weaknesses in speed,line,form, anatomy and well pretty much everything. Hit me with your critique or just comment if that's your thing. Anyway enough rambling, here it is! P.S: I apologize for the lame photos. I lack a scanner but I'll try to get one eventually.

    Name:  IMG_0075.JPG
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    This was one was just a quick hour long study only trying to use lines. Didn't turn out too well but at least I learned a bit!

    Name:  IMG_0076.JPG
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    This is one of my weaker ones but anything I draw will be uploaded. I feel that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

    Name:  IMG_0077.JPG
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    This one here is another 20 minute pose. Sadly I couldn't finish the arm however.

    Name:  IMG_0078.JPG
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    And finally a quick 5-6 min gesture sketch I did.

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    Sorry about not being able to update, things got busy last night. Anyway I'll have some more stuff tonight. The first three are just some warm-ups I did. I'm actually fairly happy with how the 15 minute turned out( aside from my camera cutting her head off). The 5 minutes however I am not. I'm going to try and sit down and render things more and try to focus on my line quality and construction once my speed isn't snail pace.

    15 minsName:  IMG_0083.JPG
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Size:  84.1 KB

    These are the 5 minutes Name:  IMG_0081.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_0084.JPG
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    And finally I tried to improve my speed even more by taking a section of Gericault's Raft of the Medusa and trying to copy the lines and structure within an hour and a half.
    Name:  IMG_0079.JPG
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    Just another update from the past few days. Been reading up on Brigman's constructive anatomy and been doing some studies from it. Currently focusing on the basic construction then going to move into the more complex stuff. I got plans to try and do some portraits since I'm terrible at them and need figure they would be good rendering practice as well.

    Name:  IMG_0090.JPG
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    Just did a copy of the torso for reference. I really like how he builds the torso.

    Name:  IMG_0089.JPG
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    (Psst, I lied when I told you guys that I'd upload everything I drew. Sometimes there's just too much of stuff like this to upload!)

    Name:  IMG_0091.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_0088.JPG
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    Tried to use this method in some quick sketches and a couple 75 minute drawings.

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    Nice start, you got yourself a follower, I think if you want to gain speed, you should do more fast stuff, instead of 1 75min pose, try 100 30/60seconds poses, it's good for loosing up and capturing the essence of the gesture really fast.
    I really like your lines, they are very clean. Good luck on the road ahead of you.

    -My DeviantArt-

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    Thanks, that means a lot! I actually really like the idea of the 100 30-60 second gestures. I love doing gestures, I honestly don't know why I do more.

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