Not so much of a detail background story to her, but she is an Alien known to abduct human men for her sexual enjoyment. Sorry about the watermark since I had used these on my DA and I was having issues lately where there was some theft with her
Most of the BG's I did not draw, more of a mashup of photos off google which I had accredited to the original upload. I really hate doing landscape/backgrounds which is something I really need to work and focus more on.

First image drawn of her. Done with a micron Ink pen+black copic marker and color added with SAI.

I did try experimenting by drawing the background with this one. I was pretty much experimenting in SAI with this one.

with this one I was trying to portrait the more anime like style, I did change her ears up a bit and and added flower barrets to where you should see her horns connecting to her head.

Still a bit of an experiment with the "Chibi"style, along with changing her ears back to being positioned upwards.

anyways Im just looking for some general feedback on her overall design, this is more of just a personal character as I have not decided if I really want to do anything with her yet. I am currently trying to switch into Concept Art out of animation since I found out that 3D Animating is not my thing ^^;