Hey first off i just want to say thanks in advance for all of your help, this site has been really helpful.

Alright so i have been practicing for about 40 hours a week (trying to increase that but work and etc) lately and i know i am getting better in what i am practicing. my usual patter is: do some blind contour warm up, more right brain training. I have a refrence book with many poses of humans that i draw from, then i use an art book that has anatomy help with a skeletal and muscle structure refrence. I will draw some free poses. Work on faces. Do full detailed drawing from refrence picture or from any object in my room or actually my room. Mostly things of this nature. I have to get some programs working before i start digital again. I really need to know what i should practice and how. Also draw my brother sometimes.
I feel like i am not going as far as i should be. seems like i am stuck and need to branch out in how i practice any advice would be just great.

OH! and if it helps my goal is to become a video game concept artist (hopefully 3 years xxD) with a specailization in character design.