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    Sketchbook, Sketchbook, Rolly Polly Sketchbook...

    Hey there, CA! I'm here to hone my overall composition skills and research potential job titles. I've been drawing off and on since I could hold a crayon but rarely got into it seriously. After a long hiatus from college, I'm at a community college finishing my associate's degree.

    I feel most comfortable using real pencils and the pencil tool in Sketchbook Pro. I'm not so good with paint yet, nor am I crazy about using Photoshop (but know it's the "standard"). I lack skills in tone, making shapes look "3D", anatomy, expressions/emotions. I'm working to get away from "that cartoony look" and my faces still look stiff, with that "deer in front of a car" gaze. I'm certain I can make it happen.

    Then I can focus more on surrounding environments and interiors (never drawn a landscape!) - as long as I don't get ahead of myself. ;D

    Enjoy! And if there's something else you'd like to point out, let me know.

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    Hey! I would say, work on observational skills, and with practice. Work on anatomy - with undraped models, adding clothes makes it harder to understand how the body works and moves... here are some sites (if you're comf with drawing undraped models ofc) (bit awkward, but shows musculature)

    happy drawing!

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    good dogges and sketches!

    i agree, sit down with a big-ass piece of paper and a pencil and just kill some bodies. loosely. with light, gentle strokes. good for the soul.

    use your 'big eyes', where you zone out and use peripheral vision when looking at details. in fact, try to look at as few details as possible when sketching at first. get the whole body out there then do the small bits.

    also i saw those cylinders back there. do more. draw a billion cylinders. from everywhere. in all sorts of light. 'sgood.
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    Nice drawings and good advice, it would be nice if you could tell us how old you are and where you would like to in a year or more. I really liked most of your drawings. Some need some work though, the eye for instance I feel like you drew what you think it should look like and not what the actual picture presents. The colours you picked are wayyyy darker than the ones in the picture. So drawing from life will advance your observation skill. Forget about how you think things should look and only draw what you actually see. Also I wouldnt recommend drawing stuff from games. Like the second pose,unless the graphics are 100% you will only teach yourself wrong thing, like muscles who are pointy and the way the cloth around his neck is placed. I hope I could be of help and Ill definitely be back soon to check out your new work. The one from sesame street ( not sure what his name is in english, something like grutch ? That one is really cool and well drawn!

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    Nice, my advice is you should do some traditional paintings before digital paintings. Study from old masters paintings or draw more shapes and paint in different tones,lights etc. if you don't feel like doing it get a 3d program and model; it's 2x faster to learn that way.Lastly do quick poses or gestures, Its fun and it will increase your observational skills as suggested above. Unless you want to a doctor, don't get caught up in the anatomy "Art is a lie" make it look pretty and the human brain will fill in the remaining information.

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    do as many gestures as you can everyday, 1 second, 2 second, 4 seconds, 5 min, etc. It will help a lot

    You're work is awesome

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