Hi guys hope you are all good!

Right so here is my entry to the Shifflet Brothers comp.

The piece is sculpted in 1/32 scale so the figures are roughly 60mm tall. The sculpture size including the base is: 10" x 6" x 12" high

The idea behind my piece is the world is in a post apocalyptic state, war torn and ravaged by radiation the surviving humans turn to mutated bugs to continue fighting.

The captain himself 'Captain Spittlebug' is a eccentric man, fond of his traditional straight cigarettes and a love of big guns. The turret is a retrofitted anti aircraft gun.I turned the ammunition on the lathe and scratch built the majority of details I also included some found parts from an old model tank.

The driver named 'Big Tex' is a monster of a man. Thick as mud but how smart do you need to be to steer a monstrous mutated beetle? People in town say his mother was infected with radiation in the fifth war, hence his extra human size and strength.

The beetle is actually a mutation from the traditional rhino beetle.