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Thread: random sketches

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    random sketches

    Hey all here are random drawings, these are all conventional drawings. Anyone willing to help me improve and think outside the so called box, very much open to constructive criticism and helpful hints.
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    The perspective drawing of the dude boxing forward was challenging is there a way to get over this. And thumbnail drawing of a comic strip I had done.

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    hi Beeboy13 - I'm glad you decide to make a sketchbook thread.

    Right now I think fundamentals are your best bet. Keep doing perspective and figure studies to help you figure out more of the body. Take a look at how clothes wraps around the body- like the hood around the face. Once these underlying skills are stronger you will find it easier to do more extreme angles.
    You'll probably like the force anatomy books because they explore this type of drawing

    If you're into a more cartooning style Vilppu and Bridgeman are two good anatomists to study. Preston Blair, and Richard Williams are good for general cartooning. Glen Keane and Milt Khal are my current favorites (though I'm more into Disney style than urban style. )
    Also the standard Loomis and Hale.

    If you want to get good you have to do the boring stuff. Perspective, figure studies, tonal studies, studies of studies and more studies. Tonnes of great resources kicking around the site - plus, lots of great sketchbooks. There are a few that show peoples progress for years- so you can see how they learned - and leaving lots of comments is a good way to get traffic to your sketchbook and advice.
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    Happy sketching!

    Edit - instead of making 2 threads, I suggest appending all artwork to a single one.

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