Ok so for this entire year i have been coming across the same problem... I am a junior in high school and i want to art school for college so obviously i am taking art at school as well as art outside of school but now i am not sure if art in school was such a great idea... In my fine art class at school i am currently getting a B.... and i think the reason may be that i am completely and utterly confused with what exactly is right and what exactly is wrong! My art teacher outside of school is in fact a art professor at 2 very distinguished colleges who have very good art programs and he teaches me everything from figure drawing to still lifes to animation in my portfolio class meanwhile at my art class in school i feel like i can have no artistic expression! My teacher outside of school will tell me one thing and then when i try to impress my art teacher in school with what i learned over the weekend she says it is completely wrong! now first of all i didn't know there was a wrong and right way of doing art. I find myself in this dilemma because i decided to take the art in school not because i needed the credits but in hopes some portfolio pieces would come out of it. In school every month we have a "sketchbook" assignment but in reality it isn't a sketchbook since she makes it very clear that NO 'SKETCHES' WILL BE GRADED EVERYTHING MUST BE FINISHED WORK now i can't even begin to wrap my head around that one but anyway in these sketchbooks we are only allowed to do very specific assignments and no cartoons! The point i am making is that this class is really holding me down and i am not sure whether i should go up to the teacher and say what i am feeling or just live with her silly rules. I find myself excited to go to that class only because of the friends ive made in it but i am so tired of her assignments that i never want to do anything in her class since they are all so boring and the same and outdated. Oh and get this... her sketchbook assignment said (any media) so i did it on my wacom tablet and i got no points because then she told me no computer drawings are allowed... With all this being said.. would it look bad if i drop out of my art class when i want to go to art school? i don't know how long i can take this... thanks for everyones responses.