Beginner's Comprehensive 3D Animation Tutorials?
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Thread: Beginner's Comprehensive 3D Animation Tutorials?

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    Question Beginner's Comprehensive 3D Animation Tutorials?


    I am in the process of trying to teach myself a solid overview of 3d modeling and animation, using 3DS max. I am a uni student, so I have access to it for longer than the 30day trial.

    So far, I have been watching Digital Tutor's and's Intro to 3ds, and a gnomon here and there (all FANTASTIC!!! Worth every penny!). I am a fine artist with experience doing realist painting and sculpting, so modelling and texturing make sense to me; I just have to spend a few months learning the software, memorizing hotkeys and what does what, setting up a logical workflow and starting to build a portfolio.

    Animation, I am clueless. All of the beginner's tutorials are either stuff that is completely obvious, or stuff that whizzes right by me.
    Vid 1: "Here's your ball. Move it here and hit record, then hit playback. Your first animation!"
    Vid 2: "Now you want to adjust your control curves using an IPO graph to freeze your rig and create an animation in tandem to help make the model animation friendly." Me: WAIT WAIT WAIT AAAGGGHHH *googles frantically, finds nothing, shakes fists in air*

    Is there ANYTHING between that? Im looking for something that goes over the basic principles of 3-D animation in depth, from start to finish in a complex process, going far beyond "this is your bouncing ball!", explaining terms, concepts, what and why they're doing in a simple step by step process, explaining it like Im a complete idiot the whole time. (Using 3ds or maya would be great, but I really am just looking for the basic principles.)



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