Translation from French c/o somebody from Shane's board:

Miyazaki-Moebius Expo takes place in France from 15 November 2004 to 9 March 2005.

Two major artists unveil their collection of personal drawings to the world for the first time.

Moebius and Miyazaki well soon come together to exhibit more than 300 works.

Traditionally, artists have trained themselves by travelling; the free exchange of ideas has always been an important creative resource. Moebius is French, Hayao Miyazaki is Japanese. These two world-builders each have their own field of expression, and their highly individual visions have influenced animation and comic book artists the world over. The path they have beaten for future generations is clear.

Two cultures, two styles, one soul.

Although separated by thousands of kilometers and radically different cultures, the artists mutually discovered each other’s works before even meeting. Their two bodies of work, although quite different in reality, have each evolved from a common spirit. Both Moebius and Miyazaki push the boundaries of story, character, art, and the technical aspects of animation.

An exhibit that can be read at many levels and that will enchant young and old alike.