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Thread: CHOW #315 :: The Royal Family :: FINALS

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    CHOW #315 :: The Royal Family :: FINALS

    Name:  ChowBannerFinal.jpg
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    Character of the Week #315
    The Royal Family
    Deadline - Sunday, February 3 10PM GMT

    Playing cards are one of the oldest forms of entertainment. What people don't know is that they symbolize actual people in another world. There are 4 factions, each represented by the symbols (Heart, Diamond, Club, Spade) and each member wears this symbol. Each faction is ruled by a king, queen, and jack (prince)

    We want you to pick one of the three face cards and design them within the world they live in.

    The Guidelines:
    • Must be humanoid.
    • May be of the core races such as, elf, human, orc, dwarf, gnome, halfling, etc. As long as we are familiar with the race.
    • Gender MUST reflect the same as the card. (Queens are female, kings and jacks are male)
    • Character MUST have the faction symbol depicted on them.Stick with the color scheme of the cards; red or black

    The Rules
    • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline
    • Final post must include the CHoW number and the artists username at the bottom of the image
    • At least 3/4 of the character must be visible
    • Sketches or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll
    • At least two wips posted in the finals thread
    • Background is optional
    • Have fun!
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    I guess I'll turn mine in early because I can't work on it anymore. Too many things to do.
    But it was flawed underneath anyways and I adjusted this over here and that over there was wrong, this over here that over there wrong over and over. So I'm just saying done. Flawed in many ways lol.

    Concept was Jack of Diamonds. Steals peoples souls and traps them in diamonds which is what turns them red.

    The WIPS

    Name:  jack2 copy.jpg
Views: 1361
Size:  144.7 KB
    Name:  jacknew copy.jpg
Views: 1362
Size:  140.8 KB

    Then the final.
    Hopefully better luck on the next one lol.
    Can't wait to see the other entries.

    Name:  jacknew2 copy.jpg
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Size:  220.4 KB
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    Would of like dot do a bit more rendering and push the design a little more but got too much to be getting on with, hope you all like it.

    Name:  QOH- progression.jpg
Views: 1353
Size:  194.1 KB

    Name:  Queen of HeartsSmallRez.JPG
Views: 1354
Size:  201.6 KB

    Sorry if the final looks a little too dark, got a new monitor and everything looks really washed out compared to the monitor i paint on, so played with the levels to try to even it out. Hopefully it'll look ok on you guys' screens!
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    i don't think i can work on the entry more than this,so i'll just post it

    the concept is the king of hearts, a sickly ,hedonistic, obese and weak hearted tyrant. He refuses to die and to leave his lifestyle of excesses so he searchs his kingdom for healthy, fresh hearts to transplant ,so he can continue enjoying the forbidden pleasures of life without worrying. he's probably not even human at this point.

    Name:  kingofheartssketch1 copy.jpg
Views: 1326
Size:  103.0 KBName:  kingofheartsketch2.jpg
Views: 1326
Size:  140.8 KBName:  kingofheartsketch3.jpg
Views: 1327
Size:  206.5 KBName:  kingofheartsf.jpg
Views: 1341
Size:  354.3 KB

    can't wait to see your entries guys, i saw some really awesome concepts out there!!
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    Name:  jc4.jpg
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    Name:  jc1.jpg
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    Name:  jc2.jpg
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    Name:  jc3.jpg
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    The Jack Of Hearts. Constantly in battle with the other 3 warring factions, the valiant knight is the heir to his father's throne.
    Name:  current.jpg
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Size:  59.2 KB
    Name:  current.jpg
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    Name:  current.jpg
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    Please do drop by to critique and hang out.
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    My Queen of Diamonds was an ordinary girl who was kidnapped and married off to the king of a far-off land. Life is tough for her, but she is strong and keeps her homeland close to her heart.
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    Alright here is my entry for this weeks C.H.O.W, do we need to add a little concept blurb?

    King of the Clubs

    Name:  AlexKonstad_CHOW_315_final.jpg
Views: 853
Size:  346.8 KB

    Name:  AlexKonstad_CHOW_315_WIP_1.jpg
Views: 1258
Size:  288.7 KB

    Name:  AlexKonstad_CHOW_315_WIP_2.jpg
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    Last edited by Alex Konstad; February 5th, 2013 at 01:00 PM.
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    King of Spades Final

    Name:  king-of-spades3.jpg
Views: 1215
Size:  58.8 KB

    Name:  king-of-spades4.jpg
Views: 1213
Size:  62.9 KB

    Name:  spade-wip.jpg
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Size:  58.4 KB

    Tried a new way of painting, can't tell if it's faster than my old way or the same...
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    Name:  The Royal Family-allinone.jpg
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    Here's my Queen of Diamonds.
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    The Jack of Spades. Despite not being recognized by his relatives as an equal, there is no doubt that the royal blood flows through his veins. Unlike his kin, he prefers to spend his time running over rooftops, getting into trouble with guards, and pit fighting.

    Name:  JackofDiamondsFINChow314.jpg
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    Name:  JackofDiamondsCHOWwip1.jpg
Views: 1156
Size:  134.5 KBName:  JackofDiamondsWIPCHOW2 copy.jpg
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Size:  96.7 KB
    Last edited by AeonPhoenix; February 3rd, 2013 at 10:24 AM.

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Nobody made good art by coloring in between the lines.
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    Great topic

    Jack of Spades
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