C.O.W. #287. Coral Reef Camoflauge - WIPs Thread
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Thread: C.O.W. #287. Coral Reef Camoflauge - WIPs Thread

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    C.O.W. #287. Coral Reef Camoflauge - WIPs Thread

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    For more info and details about the rules go here:


    ROUND #287 – Coral Reef Camoflauge


    ROUND#287: Coral Reef Camouflage

    Coral reefs are one of the most vibrant and biodiverse environments in the world. With such a multitude of colour, texture, and with such density of creatures the biological creativity required to hide oneself, either for predatory or defensive purposes, becomes all that much more difficult. Your task this week is to create a creature which resides within a coral reef, that has a unique method of disguising itself amongst its surroundings. The caveat here is that the method of camouflage must not involve cloaking/transparency, rather it must be able to perfectly imitate its surroundings, or even other species of creature.

    Round requirements:

    - The creature must reside within a coral reef environment

    - The creature must have some method of camouflaging itself

    - The method of camouflage must not relate to transparency


    January 5th, 7:00pm PST (GMT -8 )

    Finals go here: http://conceptart.org/forums/showthr...oflauge-Finals

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