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Thread: Need feedback on my work !

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    Red face Need feedback on my work !

    Hey guys,
    This is my first post
    I'm a 22yr old guy from Algeria, self taught 3dartist, photographer and also Aspiring filmmaker.

    I've been stydying IT in the university for three years now, I had my license this year, and now i want to pursue my education in Computer graphics, something i've been learning by myself for more than five years.
    it's been a while i noticed im not improving, and i need to take a serious education in this field, So i'm actually learning to draw correctly ... always by myself, So i need your feedback guys *_*

    I want to attend Gnomon school in LA, If ther's some of you who have been there or been accepted, i would be pleased to see your admissions portfolio, to compare to my work ...

    By starting this thread, i hope i could improve in what im doing, your consctructive critics are highly needed and are more than welcome =)

    I'll keep this thread updated, So please keep an eye on it and tell me what do you think

    PS : If you would like to visit my other artwork ( CG , SHORT , Illustrations and photographs please visit the link below )


    Name:  dez.jpg
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    Love the figure sketches. Good job. Very motion filled. You ever hear of an artist named Dean Keller? He is a great figurative artist and anatomist from Old Lyme, CT..

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