Hello I'm Alexander and I'm also still new here to this forum. I have lurked around for some bit,but couldn't resist this amazing and helpful forum and decided to join the fun

Ok, I'm strongly interested in becoming a designer for the entertainment industry, mainly specializing in as a creature designer. Of course I would also focus on characters, weapons, vechicles, and landscape. I have attended the Arts Institute for Animation,but that wasn't my thing. I was lucky enough to have taken the fundamental classes like live drawing, perspective, anatomy, color theory and design. So I decided to take those knowledge into digital painting,but it just wasn't the same as to working in traditional. I felt that I needed to back to the beginning and just focus on life drawing/ perspective, anatomy especially animal anatomy. I have plan to apply and attend Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art to study on their Entertainment Art program. They have such an amazing fundamental program, so I'm definitely aiming for that next year after saving up money.

So my question is, to you all those in the entertainment industry or experience, what can I work on to make it into this amazing career of entertainment design,especially specializing in creature design.
I also plan to take classes at Schell Sculpture Studio after completing the entertainment art program. I have loved animals, understanding their behaviors, environment, watching nature shows on tv as a kid. I'm very fortunate to live near Los Angeles where all the magic happens so I definitely can't let this huge opportunity go to waste. What can I work on besides the fundamentals. Books? links? to great articles would be greatly appreciated. I just feel like I'm not studying as hard as I should be :/ I need a homework or a challenge on the side to keep me motivated. Bascially any tips, articles, books, a direction would be great.

Thank you all for your time.