REcently, I retired as I was getting chemo and just could not persevere any longer. I taught at a university, drawing 1,2,3,and 4. In all the years I have been teaching I never learned to use digital software of any kind. I taught conventional drawing and perspective and there was no need for a geezer like me to break the pattern and learn software. BUT....My wife and kids tried to force it on me and bought a bamboo fun pen touch, It never worked right and died ...there is a lot to be said bad about wacom support and replacement of warrantied products.

anyway I am looking to buy something to replace the wacom, I want to try a few digital pens that I can carry with me to the beach...I am not wanting to write with but to draw with.

so, I searched to see if anyone has tried digital pens and other drawing tablets that are not wacom and could not find anything...could you all give any advice on purchasing..
I want to buy 2 or 3 digital pens if they are available for drawing and 2 or 3 drawing graphic tablets. cheaper then wacom.. I am really interested in just drawing like in my sketchbook and being able to have it put into one software or another. I have 1 more bout of chemo to go before I am rechecked...and I anticipate a lot of downtime. any help and expertise in this area would be most welcome.

thank you all in advance,