Dear Members!

My name is Daniel Purcell, Music Director and Marketing & P.R Manager for Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series.

I am writing to you today to personally invite you to talk to us regarding your amazing work and talent, and the possibility of bringing it on board our project.

We have been observing the forum for some time, and although we have deemed that you are all quite busy, we still felt that we needed to reach out to you.

Rather than explain this all in e-mail, I have created a short Info Pack, that I urge you to read.

This is a very high budget production that is going to be quite huge, and we are already in positive talks with Square-Enix and several other parties, so we would like to assure you of the seriousness and integrity of the production.

I hope you can possibly take a few minutes to read..

Here is the link for the project. it's a short document with very sensitive information, and important links.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Purcell