So out of boredom I ended up doing this jester thing and I kind of built it up overtime, I know it wasn't planned but like I say I didn't plan doing anything with it so I didn't plan it, heck hope that makes sense. Anyway, I know the rendering is shoddy and the anatomy & lighting leaves much to be desired, is there any other critiques or advice anyone can offer? To me, aside from technical aspects it seems to be missing something, I don't know what. Just so you know I'm building up a reference board now that I'm hoping to finish it, I know it's abit late. I'm not sure if it's worth finishing, I'll let you guys be the judge of that.

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Please take in to consideration my words above.

Thank you.

PS- you can ignore the feet if you like, I really suck at them so I will be working big time on them!