looking for general opinion here.

I'm wondering why I don't see requests on game art forums of 3d artists looking for 2d concepts to work from, and vice versa.

I do 3D environment art, as well as level design, scripting, and other various game creation related things. I tend to be more technical. I'm good at designing systems, coming up with neat game ideas, or tuning mechanics, but I love making 3d environments and props and stuff as well. My problem with that, is I'm not that visually creative if I don't have any concept art/source imagery to work from already. I'd love to find somebody who IS good at concept art to let me create environments, props, etc out of things they've painted/drawn.

I feel like I don't see this kind of relationship happening, and I'm wondering why, and also if there is anyone who has some concept art they'd like to see modeled. I figure it would be mutually beneficial because somebody like me could say "hey I modeled this, I got the concept art from this awesome dude with his permission" and a concept artist could say "hey I painted this, and this awesome environment artist made it! this shows that my paintings can communicate ideas well."

any thoughts? any takers?