Spartan Camp #253 - 50 gestures + Optional "Light and Shadows Study"
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Thread: Spartan Camp #253 - 50 gestures + Optional "Light and Shadows Study"

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    Spartan Camp #253 - 50 gestures + Optional "Light and Shadows Study"

    Spartan Camp #253 - 50 gestures + Optional "Light and Shadows Study"

    The aim is to produce 50 gestures by Sunday the 3rd of February.

    - The gestures can be of anything, human, animal, cavorting capybaras.... You can draw full figures, but you can also go for heads, arms, eyes, or anything specific. All media can be used, both digital or traditional. Coloured or black/white. Quick scribbles or long studies. Imagination or referenced. Clothed or nude. Specifics are up to you!

    - In addition to this, participants can choose to do an Optional "Light and Shadows Study", in any medium.
    Additional notes on this weeks’ Optional Study:

    The Background
    A few days ago someone pointed out to me that I had not used any occlusion shadows in a certain painting. I had no idea what they were and had to look it up. This made me realize that I could use some fundamental art studies, and figured this may apply to others as well. Can't go wrong with practising fundamentals!
    Here's some of my limited knowledge. We see objects because off its surface, light is reflected into our eyes. When the shape of the object is irregular, it reflects light in varying degrees. The areas that catch a lot of light may also reflect it, while areas that covered or turned away from the light source remain dark. This interplay between the light and the surfaces of an object creates a number of distinct areas that can be studied. It is useful to study these because this allows you to understand and draw forms how we see them.

    The Exercise
    This optional study is pretty straightforward and a very fundamental exercise. Draw an object that receives light from a single source. Determine the areas that receive light in different degrees and add names. The most basic approach would be to draw or paint a ball from imagination. If you have a suitable object, you can also use that. The terminology is generally quite basic, you can check the reference below!

    These are some samples to get you started on the terminology and general idea.

    - A simple image showing a light source and its effect on a ball-shaped object. Has names for some of the more important terminology.
    - Theory, covers much of the terminology and has pictures!
    LINK - Prometheus|ANJ' art tutorial. Covers some overall basic stuff related to drawing and painting really well.
    LINK - Another guide. Has some nice info on reflected light. Note that this guide uses the name "proximity shadows" instead of "occlusion shadows".
    LINK - James Gurney on occlusion shadows.

    As always- reference advised, not obligatory. Colour, medium, time frame, any specifics are up to you! Good luck and have fun! And feel free to ask questions!

    50 poses is a challenge, but don't hurry or stress yourself reaching it! Focus on drawing, as practising is the main goal of this exercise.

    Criticizing each other is highly encouraged!! Share constructive criticism, reference images and resources!! Let's help each other get better!

    Come on soldiers! Flex those muscles!!


    Angel Intheuk

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