CHOW #315 :: The Royal Family
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Thread: CHOW #315 :: The Royal Family

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    Thanks Havok Reed For your comment and opinion, dont have really the time to change it much, but i keep it for the next one, for now, decided, to get a bit more creative, and simply push it further, on the design i had! its not finished, and the arm is not really fixed, and some ideas still missing, that i ll try to incorporate later..
    well as iam used to give some backstory to my characters here it go:
    The diamond queen, (in portuguese called "ouros" wich mean "gold"") is the most luxurious and really attached to money, jewels, gold, damonds and such, but because the others queen represent such beatifull things (hearts:love and passion, spades:strenght and fierceness; clubs:nature, and free spirit) se is a bit envy of them, speacially spades and hearts who are seen as superiors, so she digs herself, in her riches, and luxurious things...thats why i designed as a luxurious queen, with a superiority complex, and so self of himself.
    In this world every "card character" have a kind of "simbol soul" (his real world card) that if crushed will destroy that card forever, that simbol appears on their backs, and are protected, envolted in the cards simbol,:
    so in hearts the card is hidden inside a heart, only piercing weapons can penetrate,
    spades, protected by swords: only defeating the sword can acess the card
    Clubs: inside a wooden club, only fire can trespass, so only red characters can defeat
    diamonds: encased in the strongest diamond: only with the diamond king axe, can you break it, or the ace spade (sword master)

    will try to add the hidden card in the diamond later on!!

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