Hey guys my parents dont understand what it is to be a freelance artist I am trying to explain it to them is there any type of articles or something I could show them so they can read it over me them? I try to explain to them but my dad insists that I need some sort of classes to make it look better on an applications (which it doesn't) but he wont listen to it, and they insist I have a back up and money in my pocket always. I am 22 years old working a 40+ hour a week job, and I have recently decided I want to quit my job so I can work on my art, and spend the time I NEED to on my work. They keep telling me I need to have some sort of part time job and they think I will regret my decission but I feel this is the leap I need to take I have the itch of needing to become a freelance artist I have a LONG road still to go but this is what I feel is right. I am just unsure how to explain to my parents because it is a hard decision and they will be the ones I live under their roof for awhile. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!